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Default Re: Uher CR 210 Cassette Recorder Check Out

Originally Posted by DMcMahon View Post
When you say "twined with" what that does that mean ? e.g. yellow to tape heads twined with black 3.
I was thinking of 'entwined' - some of them are twisted together and descend out of sight, presumably to the tape heads. I've worked out some of those now from the tape head contact numbers shown on the a2 and a3 part of the diagram, but now I wonder if the connections differ since your sheet that pertains to our models has different numbering.

The wire colours are very dodgy as some change colour along their length, and some seem faded. My diagram shows 'litze' wire labelled with German colour names for some of the board 600 connections, but they don't seem to relate to what I can see.

Now we know that the central lower contact of relay a is grounded via 602 is key, I think.
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