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Default Re: Non-working Commodore PET 3016

Originally Posted by ScottishColin View Post
It's a bit, er, maunual.
I think the postcode will always look like a rather ugly scar. Why not replicate it on a label discreetly stuck to the serial number plate?

Originally Posted by Mark1960 View Post
I think its still worth going to an automotive paint factor even if you donít bother to get a matched paint.

They used to fill spray cans for touch up, cellulose paint, that were significantly better for spraying than the cans you get in halfords and other similar places. Much better coverage and propellant and not much more expensive. Iím talking about 25+ years ago so regulations on what they can supply may have changed.
Modern (acrylic) proprietary aerosol sprays really are very good.

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