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Default Re: Yes, yet another home made valve tester.

David and others thanks for your help and comments.

The last change I will do to the tester before leaving it for a while and eventually sorting out a mains powered supply for it, will be to change the current meter toggle switch to a double throw centre off. Then I will be able to have 4, 40 and 80 mA ranges which I think will be enough for me. I have plans to rewire a transformer for the job and I have been following the 'High voltage regulator circuit.' thread by Diabolical Artificer for when I get to complete that side.

A long awaited parcel has been collected today, a Cold War TR1998, the intentions is to use for parts, holders, chokes, hardware etc, (sacrilege I know), but that is not to say I will not try to check it out first.
I would suspect like many old units the caps will be down by now. a couple of valves are missing/broken and the aluminium is corroded/oxidized in places, but should help me build up a useful box of parts.

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