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David Simpson
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Default Re: Yes, yet another home made valve tester.

Adrian, you're certainly soldiering on. Hopefully, with Boris starting lifting more social restrictions, you'll soon be able to get along to Golborne & other BVWS venues to rake about & get decent stuff for your project. Also, if some friendly Forum folk are fellow Lancastrians, or Mancunians or Scousers, you might be able to barter or scrounge or whatever near to Bury.
I'll make one final suggestion - if your proposed metering & switchgear is all going to be on one panel, make a drawing template with some strong cardboard, then transpose that(once it suites you, ergonomically) onto some thin plywood, then drill, cut, file, whatever & then mount everything. Maybe eventually you'll acquire a nice big sheet of satinized aluminium which can be safely cut & drilled using the plywood as an accurate template.

Regards, David
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