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Default Re: Yes, yet another home made valve tester.

Hello Bazz just seen your post.

With the lockdown I had little chance to get anywhere to select the die cast boxes, that would have been my preferred option. But I also had some aluminium sheet off-cuts in the garage, so decided to guillotine, bend and TIG weld up in to a couple of small chassis for my small amp and this tester. I now have just enough left to add closers to the bottom of them both.

On the beads as I was adding then I just left approx 1/4 inch gap between each one where I could, there are also 1nF and 4n7 decouplers that can be seen in the pictures., Time will tell, the above box leads do not have beads on them that will be next, perhaps another 100?

I am using co-ax at present and have left tails that could be connected to chassis. it may or may not be needed with this tester, I think perhaps to much in a small volume.

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