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Default "Foreign" marked B9A valves

Good evening,
I have been having a look at some later VHF FM valve radios and have found a curiosity. Some Mullard valves are marked British made though the same valve types in other receivers are labelled as foreign made (I.E UABC80, EL84 ECT.).

Does this mean that Mullard UK based factories could not produce the number of valves the set makers required and had to outsource production overseas?

Presumably the "foreign" valves were Philips valves made in Holland with the Mullard logo on them?

I have never seen a "British made" B9A tuning indicator but all seem to be Holland made. Presumably the Philips valve factory was fully geared up to produce all of the tuning indicators (EM80-EM84) that both Philips and Mullard needed for any UK based production line?

Christopher Capener
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