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Default Re: Component restoration - how do YOU do it?

Hi Gents, I have successfully "modernised" a valve. A friend of mine has a 1938 Cossor TV with a dead timebase triode pentode. The base was removed and a small 4/6.3V auto transformer fitted inside; a bracket over the top and a B9A base on the bracket. ECL80 fitted and the set is working like new. If the correct valve becomes available then it can simply be plugged in.
I am looking at other swops like this and will probably write it up for the BVWS bull in due coarse.
It is quite practical to make a 4-6.3v (or any other voltage) transformer in a 1" cube to do the heater conversion; additional components couold be added as well to "tweak" the circiut. I intend to look at the minature RF tuner triodes as a sub for early triodes in AC sets. They will also be plug replaceable(they will need a low value R/C in parallel to reduce the gain or I suspect the set will oscillate like mad!
Further comments and thoughts are invited.
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