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Default Re: H Gee - Cambridge

The following poem to Gee's appeared in the local paper. It was written by Patrick Widdess of Norwich (formally of Cambridge)

Ode to Gees
But if your radio dates from '73 or your kettle's blown its fuse. If you need to change a light bulb, or a plug to work in Timbuktu. Step into this treasure trove of gadgets, parts and spares. A bow-tied man is waiting behind a cluttered counter. Patiently he listens then disappears into the shop's dark recesses, leaving you surveying the museum or wares. Wires, cables, adaptors, fuses, chemistry sets, microscopes, batteries; large, small and obsolete, smoke detectors, circuit boards, remote controls, magnifying glasses, row upon row of unlabelled boxes, a whoopie cushion, microphones, headphones, a magnet set, a bubble machine, bike lights, strip lights, disco lights, a galaxy of LEDs, then a voice disrupts your reverie. The bow-tied man has returned with your plug in a battered box. 'Works in Timbuktu, Atlantis and Middle Earth' he mutters placing it on the counter for inspection. Did he rummage through box after box of unsorted stock? Take a lift to some deep vault stretching beneath Mill Road and beyond? Or was it just lying by the cash register for the last 40 years? 'That's one twenty-five' he says. O bless this eclectic, eccentric, electric boutique with more bulbs than a garden centre, more diversity than sterile plazas sparsely stocked with laptops and digital TVs. The door is open, a handwritten sign invites you in.
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