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Default Re: Hedghog standards converter

Originally Posted by FRANK.C View Post
It is so long ago I have probably that forgot. But once installed it shouldn't ask you to buy anything.
There are two versions one is paid for the other is free. The web edition is the free version.
The link on the Hedghog web page should bring you to the download page for the web Edition.
Screen shot of that page below. I know that when forum member Semir_DE tried it it took him to a different Intel page. Could this was due to his location?
I wonder would someone located in the UK mind trying it just to confirm that it is linking to the correct page.
Hi Frank,

I did use the link on your webpage. It definitely was the web edition and did say free but I've just checked and it looks like the full subscription version has been installed. However, as mentioned earlier, it does work without a licence

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