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Default Re: Hedghog standards converter

Originally Posted by 1100 man View Post
How easy was it to program up the FPGA? I assume you used a Windows machine? I'm going to have to try with a PC running Linux as that's all I have access to but someone else said they couldn't get it to work using Linux.
Hello Nick,

I have managed to get the Quartus software up and running under Linux Mint 18.3 running kernel 4.15.0-43-generic 64bit. The installation was pretty much straight forward decompress the tarball and then run "bash" in a terminal.

In order to get to select the Linux software I had to go here:

You will need to sign up for an account with Intel, however, and this was the part I found most annoying. They require a company name and email. I just used my employers since the stuff I do here is loosely related to what I do in my regular job.

After installing the software I can open Franks *.jic file and I can also open the menu where I am supposed select the USB blaster. Unfortunately I am still waiting for the blaster and the FPGA boards, so I can not confirm 100% that it will be able to program the FPGA.

I do use MPLAB and PICKIT3 and that works without any issues. I also have programmed many Arduinos from the Arduino IDE on this machine without any issues either, so I am positive that the blaster will do what it's supposed to.

I hope this helps the Linux community here, mind you I am far from being a Linux "guru" but still managed to get it up and running...

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