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Default Re: Hedghog standards converter

Originally Posted by Radio_Dave View Post
Programming the FPGA is dead easy and takes seconds but downloading the program and registering is a bit complicated. I did do it on a windows machine.
What was involved in registering? Do you have to give up all your details and is it some sort of demo version that is 'on trial' for free for a short period and then you are supposed to pay for?

I've just been looking at the download site and there is a Linux version. The file is 4.5GB which will put a very large dent in my monthly mobile data allowance!!

There is only one listing on Ebay for the modulator chips. Perfectly good price, 13.88 for 5. I'll probably need that many to get two working ones! I've never ordered from China before so is it likely that there will be import duty to pay on top? Delivery is anytime up to mid April- is there nowhere more local that can supply them?
There seems to be more options for the FPGA board and delivery seems much quicker too. Again, are there likely to be customs charges on top?

Many thanks

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