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Default Re: Lemco dogbone capacitors

Originally Posted by Helder Crespo View Post
Originally Posted by Longespee View Post
Hi Helder,
I may have some, let me check, although I get the feeling they are 1000pf.

I'm looking for some at 500pf in the same style, but they do seem quite difficult to pin down.

Thanks Sean. I also think they're hard to find which is why I'm now trying with the forum after a long period of fruitless online searches. You can get 1000pF and 2000pF on eBay right now, but I've never seen 3000pF ones.
I checked my small stock of these, but unfortunately I don't have any 500pF. I have 1x1500pF, 2x2000pF (one of them RS marked) and 3x1000pF, in case you're interested.
Thanks Helder, I just had a look and they are a mix of 1000pf and 2000pf.
Thank you for looking, very kind. This particular project will also allow me to use the Lemco/RS 500pf Mica rectangles, but even so these are still hard to find.

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