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Just dug out my original 'normal' ZX81, the one which is still in the original casing / keypad, and fired it up only to find that only about 5 of the keys were working, even though it was put away fully working probably not more than 2 years ago.

The problem is the usual, the ribbon connectors have hardened with age and they fell apart into little bits of plastic confetti as soon as I tried to separate the PCB and upper casing. It's like that all the way back to the keyboard entry point on this one so I can't employ the usual dodge of snipping the bad ends off and making new ends a few mm further back. It's a complete goner.

A replacement key membrane is already on order - if anyone else has one of these safely stored and believed working, better check it out while the membranes are still available. They aren't too badly priced, around 14 to 17 including post. Available from a number of sources.
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