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Originally Posted by SiriusHardware View Post
As you have already modified that particular ZX81 quite a bit, you might like to consider making a 16K internal RAM mod your next project.

Once again, your friends at Tynemouth Software have made it look easy:

They have intentionally done it in a non-destructive way (no track cuts) so the machine can be returned to its historically correct configuration if that is ever required.

As you are starting with two-chip RAM you would have to remove those ICs first, then fit a socket in the holes designated for the single RAM IC, IC4, before you could proceed.
Wow! Yes that does look interesting. This is the same issue as mine it seems - issue one. Luckily those ICs are socketed rather than soldered as in the other ZX81 I have!

Thank you - i will certainly have a good look.
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