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Default Re: GPO planset with external extensions

Originally Posted by Shmason View Post
........ if the exchange is switched through to the extensions the extensions can no longer contact the main!...
Apologies, I have just read this part - in the original Plan 105/107 set up with external extensions the external phone(s) had to be on hook when the 'Call Main' button was depress to operate the buzzer in the Planset (via the relay in the ringing convertor), as a result there were no 'recall main' facilities provided when an exchange to extension or an extension to extension call was in progress.

The official operating procedure was that an external extension user should depress the call main button once after their handset was replaced to alert the main to release the Planset's keys to their idle state, I don't know of anywhere who had a Planset installed that actually did this though.

You must remember that these systems where designed for small offices or businesses where it was unlikely that a call going to an extension would have the need to be transferred back to the main.


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