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Default PCB circuit board layout needed

I'd appreciate help from anyone with good working knowledge of EZ-PC to design a single-sided layout imvolving 3 16-pin CMOS ICs, a handful of capacitors/resistors/diodes. The circuit itself is proven (Veroboard prototype) but the end use involves mobile deployment for demonstration purposes and V/B is not considered robust enough to cope with the rigours of transit ... and it looks like a rat's nest anyway.

Unfortunately a previous and willing volunteer (not on this Forum) had offered to help but is currently unable to complete due personal circumstances. The timescal was end of May and I've simply no time to available to learn EZ-PC (or any other program, free or otherwise). If anyone is of a mind to consider my request, please pm me with your preferred email address and we can take it from there.

For the avoidance of doubt ... I don't expect it to be done for free

Thanks for your time taken in consideration,

Best wishes
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