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Default Tektronix 7623A poser


I have a poser with my Tek 7623A scope. It ceased to show a trace a while ago and I am attempting to gain access to the HV board in order to check the oscillator transistor, Q1195, together with some of its associated components. I have followed the instructions in the Service Manual and got to the point where I have removed the screws holding the HV board cover in place. The manual states that the HV compartment should be guided away from the chassis, being careful not to damage any components or connectors. The HV compartment is loose and moving, but only in a limited sense and I cannot get it very far out. Has anyone here ever gained access to this HV compartment or similar? I have asked about this on the Tekscopes Group, but all is silent so far. It seems unlikely to me that no-one has ever successfully done this job and that no advice is available.

The myriad connections around this area are daunting and I don't want to disconnect stuff if it isn't required. Can anyone offer some advice, please?

TIA, Colin.
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