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Default Re: IF fault on Eddystone 770R

Eddystones have quite a following in Blighty- they are sturdily and neatly constructed but were arguably a bit behind the curve in their electronic aspects. In a way, I think that that explains their popularity- they have generally survived more-or-less intact and the hobbyist who might have been frightened of the complexity of an RA17 or an R390A is quite at ease with a 730. TBH, I think that the combination of unadventurous design and the high price for what was offered would have sunk them long before it did if it hadn't been for military and government orders, also the market for sturdy and straightforward cabin receivers. They were a relatively small operation and used a limited range of basic front-panel castings and outer case foldings- e.g. the same early '50s front panel design served everything from the very basic facilities 670A to the quite sophisticated and complex 910. That meant close-packing of switches and the use of co-axial controls in the swankier models. As mentioned, it also meant that some sets became very crowded inside- the 670A here is very easy to work on, a bit like a well-made domestic set, but the 750 with the same size case but double the number of valves and a chunky mains transformer takes a good deal more care over maintenance and component replacement. And it's by no means the most closely-packed of Eddystones!
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