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Default Re: Obtaining Service Data

Originally Posted by DoctorWho
Are there any plans afott for a pre-war TV and early post-war TV service data CD ROM, this is so little service data available for any of the pre-war TV sets and some of the early post-war sets are extremely hard to obtain data for.
As regards telly CD's, I had started a second volume but am in two minds as to whether I'll release it. Instead, I'm bunging them on-line, admitedly at a lower resolution than would have been put on the CD but I do keep higher resolution versions in case vol 2 does go ahead.

The big problem is that of getting hold of pre-war and early post-war data. Theres no point buying it just for a (very low volume) CD, and those who do have access to such data often prize it so much that a loan is not forthcoming.

Currently, the pre-war stuff that's on-line is just for the Cossor 1210 and those horrid little HMV/Marconiphone table sets.

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