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As noted upthread, Lisle Street was essentially obsolete by the time I got into electronics; the action had moved to TCR and Edgware Road.

I remember buying "Goodie bags" from Henrys Radio [loads of MAT-type transistors, and a handful of FT243 crystals featuring not-quite-amateur-band frequencies but close-enough for us to use to tune-up our experimental transmitters].

In the early-80s I bought a Datong RF-speech-processor board, A Trio VHF ham-band poetable [TR2200G?] and loads of "Antenna Specialists" base-loaded half-wave VHF mobile antennas from Lee Electronics [400 Edgware Road]. These antennas were truly the greatest way to make best use of 15 Watts of RF from a Pye Westminster or similar. I recall extreme angst taking a 3/8-inch drill to a brand-new Rolls-Royce in order to fit one such antenna so the local sand-and-aggregate-magnate could keep in touch with his tipper-truck-drivers who were building the Western part of M25.
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