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Default Re: Manor Supplies Mk5 Colour Pattern Generator

Originally Posted by Chris55000 View Post
I think I can read that enough to start work on a new replacement drawing for you I'll get it started this weekend!

Chris Williams

Thanks Chris, that's very kind of you but don't waste too much of your time on my account. I'm mainly looking to confirm the component references/values on the circuit diagram. If you do decide to redraw it I would be most grateful.

I had started to try and redraw it but I'm finding it very difficult to read many of the component references and values. The components list does help to give a few clues though. Many of the references are just a blur on the circuit. I opened the file in MS Paint and used the eraser to remove all references/values etc. The initial idea was to print out the circuit and hand write the refs/values as a rough but clear copy then use say KiCAD to reproduce a decent circuit diagram. Even the IC pin names/numbers are very hard to discern. It is doable but quite a challenge and time consuming.


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