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I haven't personally dealt with this company, but a browse of their website shows that they stock a wide range of components which would be useful to those who repair & restore vintage radios, etc., and to the guitar fraternity. They are based in the USA, but will ship internationally, though the cost of shipping and the delivery times involved varies widely. A number of options are mentioned on site.
Amongst other things they stock are Electronic Vibrators to replace the mechanical types used in 1950s car radios, Electrol;ytic and other capacitors, including dual & multiple can-types, Grille Cloth, knobs, including 'chicken head' types, potentiometers in various spindle types, etc., etc. One caveat is that any switched potentiometers are likely only to be single pole types made for 120v AC mains. Go to for further details. The site is headed 'Antique Electronic Supply
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