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Default Re: Restorers dream part 2 the chassis.


Thanks for the good wishes Ian. Yes the little coils make a lot of difference. Here’s a link for you;

Thank you Jeffrey; I'll measure the CRT base voltages in the morning and I'll need to establish the cathode and grid 1 to apply a short as I don't want to damage anything by making a silly mistake. I have however just popped into the workshop to check the DC end of U25 and the spark although long is very thin and also looks blue; there is no loud crack as I believe mentioned by John; the sound is very similar to testing the AC end; there is a strange smell when I am doing the spark tests.

Thanks also Andy; 1st anode is something else I need to work out and going through all the sheets I've so far collected is taking a fair bit of time every time I try to find something but I'll get there in the end; I've changed both resistors at the end of the CRT.

I'm very willing to learn from experienced people and many thanks for the warning about blanket changing components Trevor wise words indeed. I'm used to changing components on radio chassis and when I first started out I used to quickly get out of my depth after removing a resistor or cap as it is certainly very easy to lose the connections. At that time I also found out I needed three hands whilst changing components making the job most frustrating. It was this that got me into thinking about how to make life easier for myself and I came up with my miniature wire winder to add tiny coils onto the leads of the new components; all I have to do now is snip out the old component leaving a pair of 1/4" long tails and after these are scraped clean the new component simply slides onto the tails leaving both hands free to use the soldering iron and to hold the solder. Another bonus in using this method is that after snipping out the old component I can actually walk away to make a pot of tea knowing that the two tails are marking were the new component is to be installed. Designing and making the miniature winder was well worth the effort.

I did want to experiment by only changing one component at a time to see what difference each made but time is a factor and it won't be long before winter sets in again so although I'm not rushing this chassis restoration I have other jobs around home that require doing before the bad weather arrives.

Reinforcements are expected tomorrow; we are expecting two forum members to visit us and no doubt they will just twiddle a knob on the chassis to obtain first light to drive me mad.

I've put a lot of time in working on this chassis so far and tonight I have just watched a downloaded movie with Bron; I have a wonderful wife and we fully support each other in our hobbies; she never complains and it's a pleasure to spend some quality time with her; tomorrow is another day and I'll be fully charged up once again. It's been another long day today and I thought retirement would be easy.

Thanks everyone for your continued support and I'm at the head of the queue in wanting to see first light.

Kind regards, Col.
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