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Default Re: Problem with telephone 248 and bellset 44.

On rebuilt phones, the symptoms you decribe are commonly caused by the pink and orange wires to the dial being swapped over. These colours tend to fade, especially on cloth covered wires and are easily confused when putting a phone back together after cleaning.restoration. You will also get the same symptoms when a dial is fitted to a CB phone, i.e. with no dial fitted, if the CB link (between T3 and T4 on 248 and other 200-series phones) is not removed.

What I describe above is a phone/dial problem, not a bellset 44 problem. As far as I can tell from the diagrams, there is no easy way to produce the same symptoms by messing with the bellset 44 (or 39 for that matter).

I have two (soon to be one hopefully) working 248/44s and one 248/39 so have some recent practical experience in this area. I have them wired as original, i.e. a two-wire connection using the bell capacitor in the bellset and an external bell, generally a 64D but any simple bell, e.g. bell 1A, will work. Fit a REN reduction resistor in the bell.

You can also bypass the bellset 44 altogether, wiring the 248 as a 232 as all a 248 is is a 232 with extra cradle swithc contacts. With a modern-line cord three wire connection a simple bell, including REN resistor if needed, is all you need. I have had to do this as the one of my 248/44s came without the phone-to-bellset cord, which is nigh-on impossible to find.
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