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Default Baird P2214 405 line TV

£30 - Strictly collection only from Fleet in Hampshire. I can offer a contact free collection if we do a bank transfer, or cash in the letter box

Itís the example referred to here

I have replaced 2 missing valves in the tuner section, and I did start to work on it, but I simply have no time and could use the space.

I cut out the hunts capacitors (and 1 shorted electrolytic), and tacked in some replacements so I could power it up and start work. They werenít intended to be permanent solutions, and I donít usually replace all capacitors, but all were either split or blown apart!

It powers up, you get a line whistle, but then there is some EHT arcing somewhere. My next step was going to be remove the chassis and crt, and firstly give it all a good clean.

Anyway, Iím sure it will be a nice project for someone! I have no means of testing the CRT, but from what I remember the heater continuity looked good.

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