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Default Philips EL3549A reel to reel

Hi all, I recently unearthed an old Philips EL3549A from my mums loft. This has been lying unmoved for around 30 years but is in half decent condition to my untrained eye.
I have a few old audio reels that I would like to transfer (old family parties and the like) but I know I will have to replace the crumbling belts. Also it's missing on of the knobs, volume I think. I'd love to get this working again and would welcome any advise on how to access spare parts, manuals (if possible) and helpful tips on working with this old classic.
I'm a newbie to the process and have never used a solder iron in my life so go easy on me... I'll be roping in those more capable but they don't know it yet!
Martin Coyle
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