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Default Buying and Selling

Forum rule D1 states:
Regular contributors to the forum discussions may post messages requesting parts and sets they require, and may also offer occasional items for sale. However it should be noted that any buying or selling is a peripheral activity and is not the main purpose of the forum.
Rule D10 states:
The posting of sale or wanted messages is a privilege offered to regular forum members only. If, in the opinion of the moderators, you are only here to trade and not to become involved in other discussions, your posts may be deleted and your access to the forum may be restricted.
We have recently banned a few members who were clearly only here to trade and were not participating significantly in any other parts of the forum. We will be monitoring this more closely now, so there could be more bans.

If your main reason for being here is to buy and/or sell then I strongly suggest that you leave and take your trading elsewhere (such as eBay or Gumtree) as you are not welcome here.

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