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Default Re: Wiring a 110V two-phase motor?

Klaxon do indeed appear to have been much more than noise manufacurers - Google finds quite a few windscreen motors around for old Rolls Royces, some in old teleprinters, and a possibly similar 'Klaxon geared 110 volt AC motor' in a science museum exhibit demonstrating the principle of the cyclotron!

I wonder if MotorBikeLes (post #18) was on the right track when he mentioned process control. Using 2 phase motors for continuous drive may well be a thing of the past, but 2 phase servo motors seem to be alive and and kicking.

In these, one winding is fed with a fixed ac voltage, whilst the other is driven from an amplifier supplying a waveform at 90 which is varied in amplitude/polarity to control torque/direction. The rotor resistance is optimised for linear relationships between voltage, torque and speed.

Although the motor plate states '100rpm' perhaps that just indicates the maximum speed possible. It may be more significant that the H.P. section is left blank.

I'm guessing the high rotor resistance and slip mentioned in the link might mean it's not going to be very useful for anything else, but it might be ineresting to try running it with a capacitor anyway.

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