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Default Re: Wiring a 110V two-phase motor?

Generally, UK mains supplies differ from US supplies. We supply, LV - wise, 50Hz, 3 ph.( 120 deg. apart) - - 415V, plain old single phase - - 240V, and - - 480V one phase 3 wire(also known as "Split Phase") which is 180 deg. apart. The US usually have 60Hz 110 - 0 - 110V split phase, and our split phase supplies are 240 - 0- 240V. For example - our nearby rural T/F is 11KV : 240 - 0 - 240V PME), and the nearby farm takes the 480V to run their grain dryer, the farmhouse takes one leg of single 240V, and we get 240V off the other leg. Urban T/F's are generally have secondary o/p's of 415V 3ph, loaded street by street over the three 240V single ph. supplies. Local garages, bakeries, big shops etc., would get the full 3 ph.
Nothing there for a 110V "2ph" American motor, I'm afraid.

Regards, David
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