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Default Re: Wiring a 110V two-phase motor?

Originally Posted by Trigon. View Post
I would think it's very likely a 'permanent split-capacitor motor':-

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I believe the '2 phase' label is to suggest it's a 'symmetrical' type, most suited for reversing applications.

Conect the two windings and the capacitor in a 'triangle' and apply 110v between the junction of the windings and either end of the capacitor. This allows simple reversing with a single pole switch.


Possibly, but not in view that likely.
Split winding motors usually only have three connections, one end of each winding, with the other ends of the windings connected together internally.
Also such motors are not normally identified as 2 phase.
Capacitor start and capacitor run motors usually have the value of the required capacitor marked on the nameplate.
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