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Default Re: Building a Radio-Goniometer - inductance values?

Originally Posted by Radio Wrangler View Post
The tubes inside which marine crossed-loops are wound are often metal, with a not very visible insulated gap in each tube loop so they don't form a shorted turn. Faraday screening, in other words.... real Faraday screens!

Yes electrostatically shielding the loop with a tube or screen, makes it mainly sensitive to only the magnetic component of the field, much like a ferrite rod. In the front section of the 66T manual they also mention a ferrite rod option for RDF applications. And as you noted if metal is used don't forget to put a split/gap in the loop.

One way to easily make a multi-turn shielded loop is to use screened multi-core cable as you already have a good number of conductors that are screened and you can wire them in series to make the coil.
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