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Default Building a Radio-Goniometer - inductance values?

I appreciate this is pretty esoteric stuff, but just for fun, I fancy building a radio-goniometer (for those not familiar with the word, its a set of orthogonally fixed coils, which connect to antennas, and an internal movable pick-up coil, used for direction finding)

Now, I can find enough photos or sketches to see how to build one physically, but what I cant seem to find is any info on suitable numbers of turns for the coils, and hence the inductance values. I have seen just one mention of around 40uH.

I intend to use it for HF DF, with either loops or a set of four verticals, so im looking for values that would give 'decent' results (i.e. some results!) between say 160m and 20m, or somewhere sensible inbetween,

Anyone any suggestions?

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