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Default Re: What's your winter project?

I realized one problem I was experiencing was building more and more complex projects, especially for vintage computer work and while it was fun, something happened that made me realize that building something simpler might be even more fun and remind me of why I got interested in electronics in the first place. I have built at least 4 superhet AM/SW radios in the past of varying complexity so I didn't want to make another.

Part of this was the infectious enthusiasm of another member Jolly_7 for AM radios and radios using a single IC.

So I decided my Christmas project would be to build a simple MW band TRF radio in the style of a home crafted radio that a young enthusiast might have made back in the 1970's and out of materials and parts I had in the workshop.

A trip down memory lane perhaps and a thought and practical experiment of what could be done with components of that era.

Except its hot and summery here yesterday hit 30 deg C, so it is hardly a "winter" project.

When its done I'll post it.
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