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Default Re: What's your winter project?

As we continue to see the warning signs of Global Warming I'm wondering if I should go about ordering my row of vines to plant up here in Glasgow?

Too soon ...?

Meantime, I've got to get that Kolster-Brandes MR10 finished and move on to my ToDo pile, in no particular order: -

Roberts R303
Philco A535W
Dansette Conquest
HMV 101 portable gramophone
HMV 102 portable gramophone
Acoustic Research 28S speakers to re-foam, re-wire and re-cap
Heathkit Signal Generator
Velleman k7000 signal injector/tracer - stopped working?
Raspberry Pi and Volumio music player
Bush TR82/B

Various other network points to make live; speaker cables to extend and fix; new mains leads to construct.

And for the audiophiles (audiofools!) among us I'm waiting for Linn Products to release Space Optimisation Version 2 for Exakt ...!
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