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Default Re: Degreaser for cigarette tar removal

Originally Posted by Heatercathodeshort View Post
Oh my Gawd! Looking at that picture it appears to me that I have a cleaning fetish!
I really should read posts a liiiiiittle slower. I somehow put both of Johns posts together & ended up with 'flash fetish' (the wife says 'you only read what you want to read') Glad you're on the mend though John

The last set I revived needed a good going over, especially inside. Ended up using Cif and an old cotton t-shirt, applying little to no pressure, the muck just came away with no effort and left no swirls or scratches.

The set was a Cossor 501AC, foaming cleanser worked well on the outside followed immediately by wax (if you don't the cabinet can go dull very quickly), and optical instrument cleaner ever-so gently on the inside of the dial.

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