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Default Re: Ferrograph 4A: Restoration advice needed

Originally Posted by Uncle Bulgaria View Post
On mine the screws are not tensioned, except by the weight of the motors hanging off them when the machine is lying down. The screws each thread into hex standoffs that butt up against the top plate, and have their other end connected to the long hex screws that hold the rotor bearings and motor assembly together.

The standoffs are all the same length, so adding washers as shims seems the only option. From the quality of the rest of the machine, this lack of precision seems unlikely!
You are correct; the motors are adjusted so that their spindles are square to the top plate by adding or removing washers under the hex standoffs. From my experience of replacing the take-up motor on a Series 4 it is a bit of a faff to slip extra washers in and I resorted to coating them with grease to ‘stick’ them into place whilst I got the screw back in.
Note that you can adjust the reel adaptor height by undoing the tiny socket head locking screw in the hub. 1/16” Allen key needed.

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