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Default Re: Hedghog standards converter

Thanks for the part number information, Stephen.

The RS stock number for the 3 position toggle switch is 734-7132 2.65 each
The RS Stock number for the 2 position toggle switch is 734-7107 1.58 each

I have decided to stick with the original, larger case for my unit. It will give me greater flexibility if I want to do any modifications in the future. I have also decided to use chassis mount phono sockets & power socket. I think this will be more robust for the usage the unit will get. They are also simpler to source.

I have now compiled an order for all the parts in the most economical way. The only things coming from RS are the toggle switches & the hex switch. Everything else is from Farnell baring the two modulator IC's & the FPGA.

It took a while to sort out the 14 pin headers. By far the cheapest option was to buy 2x 50 way ones from Farnell for 1.10 each. I can cut these down to 14 pin ones.

Is there a recommended supplier for the FPGA dev board & 'blaster', or does one just have to take pot luck on Ebay?

Many thanks
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