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Default Re: IF fault on Eddystone 770R

Thanks turretslug,
I did offer apologies, BUT I have never owned an English radio.
I have ( in the dark distant past)owned some very nice African short wave only sets(apparently from some tank used there, using loctal vales) covering the lower HF bands. I have also owned a couple of Japanese sets, BUT they were modern using miniature 7 pin valves.
English no!
I have a mark II Avo valve tester, and I absolutely love my Avo model 8 MKII meter. I did have a few Marconi test pieces that I scrapped as they had been at the mercy of the tropical north Queensland environment.

I did notice that the wiring was very similar to my valve tester, or some H&H guitar amplifiers. Superbly done!!.
Thanks for the answer, in any case

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