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Default Re: Nostalgia? Probably.

Originally Posted by ms660 View Post
It's called fly tipping down here, dumping stuff in a woodland, particularly anything metal can be very dangerous to someone else.

Last time I checked, fly tipping was a punishable offence.
Yes, I'm fed-up with random cr*p being dumped in my woods - generally it's only a few bags of garden-refuse but a couple of years back I had what looked like the fallout from someone's bathroom-refurbishment [a toilet, a bath, a shower-cubicle and a pile of broken plasterboard/tiles] dumped. All of which I had to pay to have removed by a properly-registered waste-handling contractor.

Please don't dump your castoffs on other-peoples' property. I have a large and enthusiastic 50+ Kilogram dog who will happily 'interview' anyone caught trying to dump stuff on my land!
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