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Default Re: Old torches - anyone here collect them?

Somewhere in the attic I've got several of the 1960s British Army-issue 90-degree flashlights that take a couple of "D"-cells - one was issued to me when I was in the school Cadet-force (and they didn't ask for it back when I left) - the others were in a 'job lot' of stuff I bought from Anchor Surplus a couple of decades back.

I've also got a "camouflage"-pattern pair of Maglites - one 4-D-cell the other two-AA - which I bought at the USAF Croughton PX in the early-1980s. I guess they'll count as 'vintage' someday.

Though intriguing (illuminating? pun intended) as a piece of history, I have to agree with the comment that LEDs and Li-Ion technologies have delivered a massive leap forwards in cheap, reliable, portable illumination. My 4-cell Maglite has a 3-Watt "Cree" LED retrofit bulb/reflector that is really most impressive. I must do the same to the AA-cell version someday.
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