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Default Re: Non-working Commodore PET 3016

Originally Posted by ScottishColin View Post

If each dotted horizontal line is equal to the vertical voltage setting, then that's 2 x 2.0V = 4V

Have I got that right?
You got the reasoning about the volts scale and the voltage right but - and I made exactly the same mistake the other day - each 'tick' on the horizontal bright line is one-fifth of a division, not one division. There are a total of ten divisions going horizontally across the screen (not fifty).

The vertical lines of dots mark the horizontal divisions. With that in mind, what is your revised figure for the time between the falling edges of the first and second _CS pulses, and approximately how long is one _CS pulse? Remember that the 'active' part of the _CS pulse is the bit where it is low, not where it is high.

(again with reference to your post #680).
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