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I am (was?) lucky as there are 4 Maplin shops (Bromley, Orpington, Charlton, Crayford) that are easy for me to get to. And one thing on the Maplin website that seems to work is finding which (if any) shops near you have the part in stock. I don't drive, so I buy a London bus pass anyway, as a result it doesn't cost me anything other than time to go to any of those shops.

I must have spent a couple of hundred pounds with them over the last year on connectors, boxes, switches, ICs, cable, etc. I suspect I bought up the last local stocks of some ICs and crystals (they would say they had 8 in stock and I would say that I would buy all 8). But that is nowhere near enough to keep a company going.

If Maplin go to mail order (or order on the web and collect from a shop in a couple of days) for components then, alas, I won't deal with them. There would be no point. Might as well do an RS order.
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