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Default Re: Getting the right radio into a museum

Originally Posted by emeritus View Post
I remember dad telling me that there used to be gas-powered HT battery eliminators, no doubt using rows of bimetallic strips.
I once did a simple repair on a gas radio. I will add that the part I repaired was the electronics, the radio chassis. This seemed to be a typical 1930's battery powered radio design.

The set was in a large wooden cabinet with the radio chassis on a shelf at the top. At the bottom was the gas burner with an array of thermocouples on top giving both the HT and LT supplies (I can't remember if it had a -ve grid bias supply or self bias). There was no flue and the whole thing seemed to be a total fire risk.

AFAIK it was demonstrated (recently) using a mains powered 'battery eliminator' type of supply, not the thermopile, for obvious safety reasons.
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