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Default Re: Getting the right radio into a museum

Originally Posted by mark_in_manc View Post
I do some volunteering at the Anson Engine Museum up here which has a local history room - it would be nice to do something similar, although I don't have a battery set at the moment and I do like the 'running costs' angle that this makes possible.
I visited there last summer. Rather an impressive collection. You mean that room with the large model of the area?

I thought MM's radio would tell the story better with an illustration of the battery and the costs.

The Anson museum could go a little further and have one of the Philips Stirling engines originally designed for powering radios from kerosene lamps.

The editor of the Philips Technical Review, C.M. Hargreaves wrote an excellent book "The Philips Stirling Engine" on these radio powering generators and all they turned into. It is now stupidly expensive when one crops up on Amazon, but you'd love it and maybe a library could hunt one up?

Philips Technical Review was their house journal where all their new TV parts and circuitry were given an airing and explanation.

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