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Default Re: Punnetts Town BVWS 1st August

A brilliant day at Punnets Town yesterday. Thanks to John and his family for organising it, and to all who attended and made this a great event.

The weather stayed (mostly) on our side, and it was good to see the usual suspects and even some new faces.

As usual, I bought more than I intended but could not resist it, as the prices were far too attractive.

The tables were spaced out as you would expect with some setup outside, and hand sanitizer was the order of the day but there was a great sense of normality about the event.

There was plenty of haggling and we shifted many of the items on the BVWS stall, and nearly cleared the Museum stall, which had almost ‘giveaway’ prices at the end!

The display laid on in the side room was fantastic (an early Marconi setup) working for short bursts so as not to upset the neighbours.

All in all a great day out, and now onwards to RetroTechUK on 26th September.

Thanks again to everyone involved for making this happen.
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