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Default Re: Adding external speaker to Yaesu FRG-7

A bit OT but here goes. I bought a JRC NRD515 receiver complete with external speaker (there is no internal) and a 24 channel memory unit. The whole thing was not in the best condition, obviously used in an aviation office and only on one frequency judging by the dust on one side of all the knobs. After a good look and a switch-on via a dim bulb tester it work and came up tuned to 8843kHz AM which was the old south pacific HF aircraft frequencies. Anyway, I digress, The speaker voice coil was open circuit but I had a 4" round speaker with a wizzer cone which fitted nicely but sounded awful with the steel case and no wadding internally. I glued some sound deadening pads to the insides of the cabinet and filled it with BAF wadding after putting the speaker into a double layer of discarded panty hose. (They were discarded, weren't they, dear?) Sounded much better and still going 16 years later.
Cheers - Martin ZL2MC
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