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Default Re: Adding external speaker to Yaesu FRG-7

The usual advice is to find a second-hand speaker from a car door. One with a second cone, or with an integrated tweeter in the middle, and then have a play with some home-brew cabinetry. Mess around with some damping material until you like the result.

Basic quality speakers like the internal one in the frog-7 are fairly efficient, as speakers go, so the new one will likely be quieter than the original.

Yaesu, Kenwood, and Icom all sell external speakers for their transceivers and charge hundreds of pounds. Inside is a basic speaker in a steel cabinet. The main benefit they give is that it's pointing at you - transceivers usually have speakers pointin up on the top cover. The FRG 7 is already in the right direction. Those expensive speakers don't sound all that good and there is no damping material so they have quite high Q peaks and dips.

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