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Default Re: Are there any cassette machines in current production

This is an interesting thread and it got me wondering...

For someone like me who has recently accepted tape as a fun and interesting format having shied away from it for years, what is the best bet for getting a tape deck that will stand the test of time? I ask as it seems that a brand new deck is not the answer.

I recently bought a nice little 8 track player and am having fun with that listening to pre-recorded tapes. I know that pre-recorded tapes aren't highly regarded, but I don't mind too much.

What I'd be interested in is a "hifi" deck on which I could play tapes and also make recordings from time to time. Sound quality is important but most important would be longevity - so nothing too taxing to service/ replace or suspect parts (I've heard of some gears being prone to crumbling).

I foolishly gave away a nice Sony deck a few years ago to someone on the forum on the basis that I had no interest in cassettes. Oh how times change...
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