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My recollection is that the ZX81 manual encouraged you to PEEK into the memory and see what was in the various locations. A good way of getting an insight into to what was going on. Data for BASIC programs usually had to be stored in REM statements.
I never quite got PEEK (still don't to be honest) but as I'm going to be working from home for some time, I might get out my old manuals and start!
My diary from Thursday 11th June 1981 says:

"I also found out why the system crashes it has a 33rd column containing CHR$ 118 (NEWLINE) and POKEing this puts it off balance and crash"

Agreed on the new thread for Spectrum but, I will leave you with the note that the Spectrum Next contains the Farrow ZX81 emulator so you can play the included .p file of 3D Monster Maze - it works under the increased speeds as well...
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