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Default BEME Mini Loop - silent

Anyone got any ideas on the Mini Loop receiver. This one has the bar antenna on top. Injecting a signal from the signal injector into the grid of the IF amp (DF96) produces a signal but everything around the mixer/oscillator (DK91) is silent, nothing in, nothing out.
When I first got the receiver, I made up the 1.5V and 90V battery packs and initially I had the 90V pack the wrong way round, this just resulted in the ground resistor from negative supply to chassis smoking. The resistor remained intact and upon correct connection of the 90V the receiver still did not work ( it may well have not have worked for for many years, I can't imagine any damage that could have been done by reversing the HT polarity). If I can't get this receiver to work, I will probably cut my losses and scrap it, but before I do, I just thought I would put out some pointers, it is quite a complex set with a "busy" front end and now that I am getting into the RF section, it is becoming more complex.
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